Administrative Agreement On The Federal Gas Tax Fund

6.4 Notwithstanding Section 5 (Communication Protocol), Canada reserves the right to meet its obligations to pass information to Canadians about the GTF and the use of funding through communications products and activities. On an annual basis, the Department of Government Relations completes an annual report for the Federal Gas Tax Fund, which describes information on spending and projects at the provincial level. The information contained in these reports is the result of the development of annual municipal expenditure reports submitted annually. Municipalities do not ask for a federal gas tax. The Ministry of Municipalities and Housing calculates the allocations each year and distributes the funds in two transfers to each municipality. Municipalities must meet reporting requirements and conduct an annual program review to obtain transfer payments. In Saskatchewan, the agreement provides a common framework for the transfer of gas taxes from Canada to Saskatchewan for management and allocation to municipalities. Participating municipalities are entitled to receive semi-annual payments under the program. Payments are based on infrastructure and municipal capacity building projects. List of GTF funds per capita for all Saskatchewan municipalities for the period above. 2.1 b) New Brunswick will ensure that New Brunswick`s funds allocated under the incorporated allocations are developed for the recipients of the final beneficiaries, and New Brunswick will provide an investment plan for incorporated Areas before New Brunswick pays the funds.

Use this interactive form to submit your IPI for each gtF-funded project. In addition, uns tied past expenses of $1.2 million in 2016-17 and an increase of $61.9 million in 2018-19 were paid to municipalities per capita through the renewed gas tax fund. 1.1 b) Before setting an allocation for incorporated and unincorporated areas, New Brunswick may apply for up to 1.35% of all GTF credits it can receive from Canada for the administrative costs covered by Schedule B, Section 5. This management agreement formalizes clear requirements to support the federal government`s communication objectives. Schedule E (communication protocol) contains specific disclosure requirements, including: AMO manages the Fund for all municipalities in Ontario, with the exception of the City of Toronto, in accordance with the management agreement for the federal gas tax fund – a multilateral agreement between Canada, Ontario, the City of Toronto and the AMO. Municipal funding agreements govern the AMO`s partnership with each municipality. For more information, visit our agreement page. This infrastructure funding program began in 2005-06 with the signing of the Canada-New-Brunou Agreement on the Transfer of Federal Tax Revenues under the 2005-2015 New Deal for Cities and Communities. In 2011, the federal government announced that the GTF would become a permanent annual investment of $2 billion beyond 2014 across Canada.

On May 20, 2014, the administrative agreement on the Federal Gas Tax Fund (2014-2024) between Canada and New Brunswick was signed. 1.1 All unspent funds held by the province, as well as all CFI funds that can be received from Canada by the province, as well as all interest collected there, are allocated at the following amount: in 2014, the city entered into an administrative agreement with the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) , which regulates cash flows from 2014 to 2023.

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