Apple Enterprise Support Agreement

The service plan, with respect to the service plan, including all additional conditions listed on the website to which it is referred, the entire agreement between Apple and Enterprise regarding the service plan, including the support and replacement services provided, and replaces all previous negotiations, agreements and agreements relating to the purpose, and no complement or removal or modification of any of these provisions is binding on Apple, unless it is signed by an authorized representative of Apple. Any clause or condition of an order or other document submitted by Enterprise has no effect and is expressly denied. Depending on the location of the insured device, customers can benefit from on-site service. On-site service is for Apple to send a technician to the customer`s site for covered equipment for repair service. Apple determines the authorization to perform a repair service after the technical troubleshooting is complete. TO THOSE OF LAW, APPLE`S AND ITS LICENSOR`S LIABILITY UNDER THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS IS LIMITED TO THE AMOUNTS PAID BY ENTERPRISE FOR THE SERVICE PLAN ORDERED BY ENTERPRISE. IN NO EVENT SHALL APPLE AND ITS LICENSOR HAVE ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE WWW.APPLE.COM/LEGAL/SALES-SUPPORT/REMOTE-SUPPORT/ S, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DAMAGES FOR LOST PROFITS, LOSS OF DATA, LOSS OF USE OR EQUIPMENT OR FACILITIES, OR INTERRUPTION OF THE BUSINESS, ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS (iii) connection problems between locked devices and a supported computer. A «supported computer» refers to a computer that meets the connectivity specifications of the device contained and runs an operating system supported by the devices contained. More information about using Bomgar™Software and Apple`s remote support in terms and conditions (not applicable in Europe, the Middle East, Africa or India). (i) On-site service the next day. The next day`s on-site service is available when the location of the equipment provided is located in the on-site service area, as described online at If on-site service is requested in the service area, Apple will send a service technician to the device location to provide services. Apple will make reasonable efforts to make a service technician available on the site within the response time indicated on

If a service technician visits a site on an agreed date and no company representative is available to access it, Apple may charge a fee for the call. For more information about on-site service, including service space and response times, see After the acceptance of Enterprise registration, Apple provides support services for Apple software products or related technologies («Supported Products») for the corresponding service plan, as described on the following online website: Service_Plan.pdf («Service Plan Support»). Apple reserves the right to modify the support services provided in the service plan and/or the supported products included in the service plan at any time by posting updates on the service plan support page.

Lucio • 8 abril, 2021

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