Blink Fitness Membership Agreement

You will receive a purchase confirmation email with instructions to access your Blink Fitness subscription. With your purchase confirmation, go to the nearest Blink Fitness® location and start the registration process! To get your Blink Fitness keychain, you are invited to sign your Flashing Fitness Membership Agreement and take a quick photo. A Gray member is a non-binding agreement to cancel you, you only have to terminate, there is no redemption fee. The number of days required for cancellation varies from country to country. Yes, yes. The information you provide to ClassPass (except credit card information), such as your name, address and email address, will be available both classPass and Blink Fitness so they can activate you and provide you with your subscriptions. Your credit card information is only available at ClassPass. ClassPass`s use of your data is subject to ClassPass`s privacy policy and Blink`s use of this information is subject to your Blink Fitness affiliate agreement. You recognize that Blink may gather additional information about you during its relationship with you.

Kelly Price came to Blink Fitness in January for an alleged non-binding tax of 15 $US per month. On August 6, she received a notice of recovery from Blink stating that her account was due for 94.44 $US. When she called, a Representative from Blink told her that in March they were making her pay for annual equipment (while the gym was closed). Blink says it cannot cancel its subscription until it has paid the full bill. Calling all fitness fanatics and workout gurus: the best job ever done. You understand and accept that ClassPass provides ClassPass membership and Blink Fitness provides the Blink Fitness subscription. You renounce, you renounce and renounce forever any claim, claims, liability, damages, costs, expenses of any kind and you agree not to sue ClassPass Inc., Blink Holdings, Inc. or any of their respective affiliates, employees, consultants, contractors or service providers with respect to claims that may arise in connection with your Membership in ClassPass or your Blink Fitness subscription or associated activity or your participation in it. including all rights to death, disability, personal injury, property damage, theft, excluding the waiver above, does not apply to Blink Fitness, as this is the result of the negligence of Blink Fitness or its respective staff, and you agree to compensate the entities or persons mentioned in this paragraph of any debt or claim of other persons or entities arising from your membership in ClassPass or your membership or membership. You hereafter take all risks associated with your participation or use of your ClassPass membership and your Flashing member, even if they were caused in whole or in part by negligence or other misconduct on the part of the parties or persons you release. You fully understand that you waive in advance any right to sue or make claims against the parties you release if you suffer such injuries and damages, even if you do not know what those injuries and damages could be significant or to what extent, and voluntarily cover the risk of such injury and damage.

Lucio • 4 diciembre, 2020

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