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@martin- I don`t agree. If it is a company based in the U.S. and they are American employees, then their laptops should be based in the U.S. – as far as British law is concerned, I don`t know, but I would fight the requirement if someone challenged me – now, with respect to the warranty issue, Dell can ask them to send it back to the U.S. to get a service, and that would be reasonable if they are American laptops. To ensure the service, if laptops will be in the UK most of the time, I would buy british laptops by opportunity with a British warranty. I would also encourage Dell to give me the same price structure, regardless of where the «break/fix» options are available for $150 per hour without a service level agreement. Complete Care is only sold in the United States, so it is the only place where it is valid. Here is a link to a copy of the Complete Care (bus) _050206_ed_022410.pdf I can provide details about the Dell contract. Dell Prosupport covers business laptops in the UK, but not Comple Care (accidental damage), as many of you have already noticed. @Ivan – perhaps you can clarify Dell`s directive – when a U.S. customer sends a U.S. employee to the U.K.

with a U.S. product and stays in the UK for more than a year, they must comply with VAT and, if they need a service, should they send it back to the U.S. or can it be serviced in the U.K. as part of the dell guarantee? In reality, Complete Care is more than just an IT services contract. It is a carefully designed mix of products and services that work together to create a safe and productive technological job. It has proven to be effective and has an increasing number of reference customers available on request. Let me check it out for you. Feel free to send me your day`s service by email: .

Track users` IT needs, simply and with the only features you need. The laptop has been lowered and the LCD is defective. In the past, we have asked Dell to replace it as part of the comprehensive care coverage, and the response has been great. I get information other than British Dell support people than me from Dell Pro support guys. So you need to check the CGVs in your contracts. – but another reason to buy on the spot! Thanks for the info Martin – not that I work in the UK – but you never know when an opportunity presents itself, and it`s always nice to know before you leave! You should really get uk-source laptops for employees, otherwise you should really pay import taxes, VAT (VAT) etc. if they stay in the country for any time (customs give up if you have a «personal» atm and a return ticket) – Formula 1 is very fun with that now in India, for example. What woke me up is F1, and the fact that they have a great deal with local countries (same kingdom-> France), so that the millions of pounds of pounds that move for a race do not attract import taxes of some kind, only for the few days it is in the country. This topic has been blocked by an administrator and is no longer open to comment. @pchiodo – Ales Tax (TVA) is still applicable to the importation of laptops that turn to the Internet.

I would still look very carefully at the `Warrenty` document that was purchased in the US may be different, but you have the wording for the UK Complete Care. This is the main reason why I usually (not always) get the equipment on site – local Warrenty, all correct taxes etc Ah etc. In all my contacts on this, no one really mentioned the sale of Complete Care in the United States. The system such as the one mentioned above can still be repaired in the United States. Who can I contact Dell to clarify my support options for laptops assigned to our employees in the UK? To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Despite a higher price point, it is very clear that Complete Care is the winner in terms of customer value.

Lucio • 6 diciembre, 2020

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