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February 28, Colombo: The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to suspend the signing of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement after reviewing the recommendations of the committee appointed to review the agreement, said co-minister Bandula Gunawardena, a cabinet spokesman. Sri Lanka is the 17th country to receive this grant. Under the agreement, Sri Lanka will receive $480 million for two development projects: a traffic management project and an agricultural project. Of the 16 previous countries that received this grant, most have successfully concluded the MCC agreement, although some countries have subsequently withdrawn from the agreement. A number of U.S. State Department officials have visited Sri Lanka since the presidential elections and have held various discussions with the Sri Lankan community. The objective of this intention seems to be to convince Sri Lankans that the GCC agreement greatly benefits Sri Lanka. In a recent discussion with a group of Sri Lankans and some U.S. State Department officials, one U.S.

official said, in reference to the agreement, that there was «no free lunch.» This comment, which is reported in the media, is supposed to be an answer to a journalist`s question about what the United States receives from this agreement. Thondamany – «A proposal from Moron is supported by another moron……. No one cares about reality. – For once, you may be right. Mahinda, Chamal, Basil and Gota, the whole clan accepted the agreement with the United States in 2007. Excerpt: «Instead of convincing politicians and bureaucrats from across the government, the U.S. ambassador only had to sell Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who obtained permission from the rest of his family, President Mahinda Rajapaksa, spokesman Chamal Rajapaksa and Economy Minister Basil Rajapaksa, to conclude the agreement. The process could be expedited without having to go to cabinet or Parliament. » – In the American «secret» defense agreements of July 14, 2019 – If you sought the man who sold the country, you now know who it is, and the clan that acted in the country, and yet you claim to be a Singhalese patriot/Buddhist. – This country has already been sold to Hindia, China. Usa…… Now relax. The author did not cite a single clause in the MCC agreement that requires Sri Lanka to sign sofa.

Nor did he mention a single clause that has a negative impact on Sri Lanka, except not to allow our corrupt politicians to make money. Sri Lanka`s ability to compact MCC was first announced by MCC directors in December 2016; it obtained final approval from the Board of Directors on April 25, 2019. As mentioned above, countries eligible for this five-year MCC grant are generally classified as low-income.

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