Public Service Collective Agreement Cx

The Government remains committed to entering into collective agreements with all outstanding bargaining units for this round of negotiations, including those represented by the PSAC. We expected that processes and procedures for managing leave applications would be put in place and that the authorities would take into account the various collective agreements. It is also recognized that CSC is in the process of implementing a self-service leave module within the HRMS, which facilitates the requirement, authorization and registration of workers` leave. In addition, the new electronic scheduling and deployment module for corrective agents, which is expected to be implemented before the end of the year, should also facilitate CX leave tracking and further improve timely and accurate coordination of call records, rollovers and HSHR withdrawal data. All collective agreements that provide for leave are available and accessible to workers. There are also two specific national bulletins on sick leave and annual leave, which are clear and consistent with the TB guidelines. However, there are no other national guidelines for different leave requests or attendance management programs. That is why we have advocated for CBSA members to be able to retire 5 years earlier than existing members of Group 1 of the Public Service Retirement Plan, which is consistent with the rules of corporate service for Correctional Services Canada employees. All collective agreements applicable to CCS are available on infonet. These agreements, as well as the TB guidelines, provide a general framework for workers` leave rights.

In interviews, high-level employees responsible for the entry of HRMS data for various collective agreements indicated that they had a sufficient understanding of the leave rights authorized by the various collective agreements through a combination of «coaching» by their supervisor and other leave coordinators, the knowledge acquired during the 2007-2008 voting exercise and practical experience. We found that workers were aware of leave rights under their own collective agreements and that informal guidance and ongoing communication between managers and employees were the most common approach to «informing» workers. Pay rates will change within one hundred and eighty (180) after the signing of the Collective Financial Management Agreement (FI).

Lucio • 15 diciembre, 2020

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