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The first thought in the diagram is whether ownership of a unit forces that owner to take action, for example. B the maintenance of a building or a common area. I understand that, in general, in order for the Community to be regarded as a `community of common interest`, that obligation must be based on or linked to a right established during the subdivision, planning or plating of the Community. For example, an agreement between the users of the well, which has nothing to do with a division between individual owners, would probably not create a community of common interest. Similarly, a road maintenance contract between neighbours would probably not create a community of common interest. On the other hand, if a developer had a division of 15 lots and an agreement was reached on well users and road maintenance as part of the underdevelopment process, this subdivision would likely be a community of common interest. Washington State is one of the few U.S. states to offer ferry service as part of their transportation fleet. These ferries are owned and operated by Washington State Ferries, a government agency that manages both automobile and passenger transportation services. These ferries are comfortable and help to get to different places quickly. This article shows you the different places where you can find the ferry service schedules. We expect changes to be made to WUCIOA if the state, local governments, landlords and courts adapt to the new law.

An experienced lawyer in Washington land and real estate occupancy law will be your best resource for the impact WUCIOA could have on you. Many of its provisions should not be repealed by governing documents and strict compliance is necessary. Wucioa combines aspects of the Property Act of the horizontal regime, the Condominium Act and the Homeowners Association Act with new concepts. The list of all the new requirements is not in the scope of this blog post, but be aware that they relate to everything from community creation, handing over the community to unit owners, administration during the life of the community, and transferring assets when the community dissolves. Anyone wishing to create a new community of common interest or opt for an old community for WUCIOA should first speak with a lawyer who is familiar with Washington real estate law to learn about the new requirements and obligations. The Washington Uniform Common Interest Community Act (WUCIOA) came into effect on July 1, 2018. It is codified in Chapter 64.90 RCW. This statute implements new rules applicable to communities of common interest, including co-ownerships, communities and cooperatives that were created on or after their entry into force. This website has many useful tools. For example, if you want to travel with the Seattle Victoria ferry schedule, you just have to go to the Best Travel Times Tool to find out which time is the least crowded. This way, you can avoid long queues and overcrowded ships.

Some of our HOA customers and developers have asked if WUCIOA applies to their communities. The following diagram can help make a first decision about whether to subject a community to all wucioa provisions: another possibility is to contact the after-sales service team via a toll-free number. Call 1-888-808-7977 to speak to an after-sales service agent and get the desired schedules. Alternatively, you can also choose 511 inside Washington State to contact the FSF….

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