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We`re sorry to hear about your family`s flight delay – what`s the frustration going on! However, as soon as you know your plans are changing, it`s important to call the insurer and inquire about solutions. In the meantime, if you buy a new ticket, it can hurt your chances of reimbursement, as the insurance company might want to pay for new trips. You may not agree to refund the flight you bought to Auckland just because they didn`t choose it. They also need time to determine the cause of the delay and whether it is covered. 9 TD Rewards points must be redeemed in stages of at least 200 points for travel purchases that are charged to your card and booked online or by phone through Expedia For TD. For travel purchases that are charged to your card and are not booked through Expedia For TD, TD Rewards points must be redeemed at minimum steps of 200 or 250 TD Rewards points, as explained in the TD Travel Credit Cardholder Agreement for your card. We may at any time reduce the minimum increase required to collect TD Rewards points. To redeem TD Rewards points for travel purchases that are charged to your card and have not been booked through Expedia For TD, the cardholder must contact TD Rewards after the travel purchase has been accounted for and within 90 days from the transaction date of the purchase of the trip. Required TD Rewards points are deducted from the cardholder`s TD Rewards points credit available for the purchase of travel at the time TD Rewards points are cashed out, not on the transaction date of the purchase of the trip. The amount credited from the travel purchase is the value of the TD Rewards points collected. If there are not enough TD Rewards points available to cover the full amount of the travel purchase, the account is only credited with the value of the TD Rewards points cashed. Any amount of the travel purchase that is not covered by the TD Rewards points cashed remains on the account for payment.

However, the rules change when you take a new flight to another destination, from a place that is not your province of residence. In this case, you are not insured by travel health insurance and you cannot receive benefits during this period and until the end of your trip. However, if you want to continue your coverage, you can call TD and let them know that you will be adding a second step to the journey. You will be happy to extend your coverage for this amount of time and give yourself a price that can be paid from time to time. It`s super simple. Hello, I am a TD Aeroplane Visa cardholder, my wife and I plan to drive our car to travel PEI and Nova Scotia for 2 weeks, what is TD Aeroplane Insurance? Thank you! We booked and paid the fares, hotel and Disney tickets on our first class visa card for July 2020 for me, my husband and two children. I am the first cardholder and my husband has a secondary card. With the spread of the Corona virus and Disneyland currently closed for the rest of the month. If this virus spreads and the theme parks we paid for are closed, what will my TD Visa Card cover? If we are not comfortable in July while traveling, even if the recommendation may have been lifted so far, are we only insured for the cancellation of the trip if there has been a recommendation on this destination? Why not close theme parks? My wife and I will be travelling to Cuba on June 2, 2018. I am 68 years old, my wife is 65 years old.

The trip was booked through TD Expedia with points and cash. I understand that we are only covered for 4 days, it is only for medical purposes. Approximately how much it would cost to add the additional 3-day coverage. Prost Andy In case of trip cancellation, trip delay and trip interruption, your spouse and dependent children are insured, whether they are traveling with you or not. However, the trip must be booked at all times via your card. With travel insurance that no longer compromises and great welcome offers, TD`s Aeroplan Infinite, Première Classe Infinite and Aeroplan Privilege cards ensure great short- and long-term value…

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