U.s. Colombia Free Trade Agreement Form

The objectives of this Chapter are to protect human, animal or plant life or health in the territory of the Parties, to improve the implementation of the SPS Convention by the Parties, to establish a Standing Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Matters, to try to resolve trade issues and thus expand trade opportunities. By way of derogation from Chapter Regulation 2, a property of this Chapter shall apply to fabrics of heading No 5806.20 or heading No 5806.20. 60.02, is originating only if such fabrics consist of both yarn and refined in the territory of one or more Contracting Parties. 1. The United States may, each year after its election, apply a mechanism that results in compensation by a Contracting Party to exporters of sugar products instead of treating duty-free part or the total quantity of sugar duty-free set for that Party in Appendix I to the Schedule of the United States annexed to Annex 2.3. This compensation corresponds to the estimated economic rents that would have been received by the exporters of the Contracting Party when exporting these quantities of sugar mills to the United States and shall be granted within thirty days of the exercise of this possibility by the United States. The United States shall notify the Contracting Party thereof at least 90 days before exercising this option and, upon request, shall consult the Contracting Party on the application of the mechanism. 1. A Party may make purely formal corrections to its scope in accordance with this Chapter or minor amendments to its Annexes set out in Annex 9.1, provided that it informs the other Party in writing and that the other Party does not object in writing within thirty days of notification. One of the Parties intending to make such an adjustment or a minor modification is not necessary for the other Party to make compensatory adjustments. 6. If the parties consulted have not resolved the case within sixty days of a request referred to in paragraph 1, the complaining Party may request consultations in accordance with Article 21(4) (consultations) or at a meeting of the Commission in accordance with Article 21(5) (intervention by the Commission) and then have recourse to the other provisions of this Chapter in accordance with Chapter Twenty-One (Dispute Settlement). If the secretariat considers that the presentation justifies the preparation of minutes, taking into account a possible response from the party, the secretariat shall inform the Council and justify it.

2 For the purposes of this paragraph, `protection` means matters relating to the availability, acquisition, extent, maintenance and enforcement of intellectual property rights, as well as matters relating to the use of intellectual property rights specifically covered by this Chapter. In addition, for the purposes of this paragraph, the term `protection` includes the prohibition ahead of circumvention of effective technological measures referred to in Article 16.7(4) and rights and obligations relating to rights management information referred to in Article 16.7(5). . . .

Lucio • 12 octubre, 2021

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