Ultimate Software Merger Agreement

In the short term, nothing changes. As usual, clients should ensure that they are critical to the roadmap obligations. Expect a new roadmap at KronosWorks in the fall. If you receive a new contact or sales agent, create the relationship as soon as possible. Relationships are important. Implications for Ultimate customers does not change anything in the short term. Make sure you have a business relationship with Kronos. If your Ultimate Executive sponsor is gone, look at the replacements immediately. If you have more than 5k employees, contact Ain. Relationships are always important…. But even more so in mergers.

To implement and depend on Infor`s Workbrain product, then actively seek the implementation/use of Kronos Dimensions – which will be the long-term solution. Proactively planning for change will be painful, but it`s worth it. Ultimate constantly checks what it means to provide added value to customers, Machado said, but the difference this time is that after the merger, the company will take the time to look at its entire portfolio instead of immediately building a new product or buying another brand. «We may no longer need two or three solutions for the same market,» Machado said. «The difference here is that we both had a solution for a particular market that has the same value, and we may have to choose to go with one or the other.» The merger will likely bring together the different strengths of Kronos and Ultimate, Brandau predicted. Ultimate, he says, is known for his «complete HCM skills,» especially for workforce analysis. Kronos, on the other hand, is best known for the possibilities of time and presence of its platform. Kronos Incorporated and Ultimate Software announced that they have reached a definitive merger agreement to form one of the largest cloud computing companies of all time. The writing was on the wall… Someone at H-F calculated growth relative to research and development and other costs, and concluded that the combined business would be more successful. Size is important in Enterprise software and Kronos/Ultimate have it now – in fact, we feel they are a top 3 provider. A lot of work before Ain and his team, the direction of clearing products is very high.

So far, a good job on this and Ultimate Connections comes to … 10 days. The CMOs common to today`s call quickly indicated that the execs of both suppliers would be there. This will also help the internationalization ambitions of the two suppliers, which move individually relatively slowly, with a preference for English-speaking countries… The PeopleDoc is the remarkable exception. A sales office and sales team are more efficient and I expect Kronos/Ultimate to accelerate its internationalization efforts.

Lucio • 19 diciembre, 2020

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