University Of South Carolina Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

Download the M&A tariff tables for USC Columbia, the School of Medicine and the USC System Campus [pdf]. Many sponsors, including most nonprofits, require applicants to use a mandatory R&A rate. Normally, this rate is significantly lower than the rate negotiated by USC. If it is the sponsor`s policy to impose an interest rate, USC accepts the imposed rate. In such cases, the reduced rate should be considered to apply to all direct costs and not to TCMCs, unless the agreement or invitation gives them something else. In these cases, when calculating the project budget, apply the prescribed rate to the total budget of direct costs. A proposal that seeks funds for a relatively small project and subsequent allocation may require as many administrative burdens as a grant with a budget of several million euros. Since a number of indirect cost elements supporting a grant constitute fixed costs, it is sometimes argued that smaller projects should pay higher rates. Such a variable structure of interest rates would be quite complicated to apply and incompatible with the guidelines of government Circular A-21.

For more information on implementing these tariffs or assisting in applying sponsored agreements, please contact the Office of Sponsored Awards Management. **The off-campus MTDC base excludes facility rental costs as well as operating and maintenance costs of direct cost items for materials, consumables and services. When using USC tariffs negotiated by the Confederation, the corresponding rate applies to the modified total direct cost (MTDC) included in the project budget. MTDC`s costs include all wages and salaries, ancillary benefits, materials, supplies, contractual services, travel expenses and up to the first $25,000 of any subcontract (regardless of the period covered by the subcontracting/subcontracting). MTDC costs exclude equipment, investments, participant support costs, patient care costs, tuition cancellation, off-site facility rental fees, scholarships and fellowships, as well as each subcontractor/subcontractor`s share of more than $25,000. Learn more about the application of R&D costs in USC FINA 9.10 – Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) [pdf]. These rates apply to sponsored projects completed at all University of South Carolina sites as well as related off-campus work, if applicable. The following rates are from the Federal Rate Agreement of July 6, 2020. If you have any questions regarding the use of this tariff agreement, please contact the Contracts and Grants Department. Indirect cost reimbursement policy From July 2020, the university will return 10% of the IDC to PI. Every 4-6 weeks, Terri transfers 10% of the CDI generated by the previous month`s research grants and notifies the PIs….

Lucio • 13 octubre, 2021

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