What Is A Dual Contract Agreement

A dual contract is an agreement in which a worker has two employment contracts with different employers (usually in the same group) covering the entire working time. 1 In recent times, ALMs have grown into unified Managed Accounts (UNIFIED Managed Accounts), a collection of SMAs with a single contract under an account number. While some ADM platform providers distinguish between contracted SMAs and UMAs, we refer to them for the purposes of this article. Double contracts don`t just apply to single jobs. The rules may also affect situations in which there is, for example, a combination of British and offshore jobs and affiliations to limited partnerships or limited liability limited liability companies. A great attraction for ALMs is the ability to account for tax losses within the portfolio. However, the process of recovering tax loss varies between SMEs with two or one contract. If consultants who use dual-contract SMAS see a manager to hire another, the managers of the client account are not aware and it is possible that the new manager buys the exact guarantees that the former manager has just sold, thus creating a washing sale and denying the tax loss. On the other hand, the platform provider with a single contract is able to identify all securities sold by the previous manager, so that the new manager will be excluded from similar purchases until the washing sales period expires. Depending on the size and scale of a company, this may be a serious consideration for RIAs considering dual contract CONTRATS versus AMS with a single contract. It is assumed that many individuals did not report that they had a dual employment contract, which in itself means that it is necessary to do specific and careful management of all tax investigations that are ongoing or, if necessary, voluntary disclosure. SMAS has gained popularity with consultants and clients because it provides investors with a convenient opportunity to hold the underlying securities of a larger investment portfolio, unlike an investment fund or ETF in which the investor simply holds an interest in a higher fund.

These types of managed accounts were designed to provide clients with challenging investment opportunities that in the past were only available to larger institutions. ALMs can offer more freedom of choice, tax and operational efficiency, and more personalized investment solutions. Some distinctive features should be considered in deciding whether SMEs with a dual or single contract are the best choice for RIAs and their clients to access these investments.

Lucio • 15 abril, 2021

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