Wisely Pay Cardholder Agreement

Wisely® does it offer EMV smart cards? We`ve released EMV (chip) cards for our updated cardholders! To update an update, call 1-866-313-6901.13 Identify cardholders who have not activated their cards to ensure that employees receive their payment to ensure your program maintains compliance. 10Fapose 100% of cardholders receive their payment on payday or before 9 a.m. Is there a limit to the amount that can be added to my savings envelope? No, there is no limit because your savings envelope is limited to the total limit of your Wisely® account. You`ll find more information about your account limit in your cardholder agreement. To protect you from fraud, we`ve added travel messages for more security. Your Wisely® card works when activated in your home country and in all neighbouring countries. However, if you`re traveling in your environment, log in to your myWisely app® or, open the map settings and add a travel notification to avoid drops on your card. How do I use the bill payment feature on myWisely®? You may be able to use the services of a third party for bill payments by logging into your account. In the free mobile app myWisely or at you can see an arrow in the top right corner and select «Pay the Bill.» If this is the case, you will be redirected to a third party site where you log in for a free account and add your Wisely card to pay bills online. If this link is not in your myWisely experience, please use your bill payment service at How to change my personal data? You can update your email address, address and phone number directly via the myWisely app® or 7. The number of free ATMs may be limited. For more information, please see the cardholder`s agreement and

Western Union. You can visit any Western Union location in the U.S. to add money to your card (third-party loading fees may apply).8 Sign in to your card deposit account for more information about adding cash or visiting. Wisely Pay allows compliance with federal and regional rules in all 50 states. Wisely is safe and secure, with EMV smart card features for custom cards, combined with zero liability policy and geo-fencing visa technology, so cardholders have fraud protection if the card is lost or stolen.6 Your account is also insured FDIC. Can I add money from other sources?13 Yes. If you pass a validation process, the primary cardholder can send deposit income from secondary jobs, tax refunds or other government benefits directly to captions on your Wisely® Pay Card.2.

Lucio • 21 diciembre, 2020

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