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The summary of the contract is, for example, made. B as part of an online offer or a paper contract in a shop, in order to facilitate the choice and comparability of consumers between the different offers. It must not be signed separately by the consumer. One of the new and improved consumer protection measures, the European Code of Electronic Communications (EECC), introduced the obligation to provide a summary of contracts to consumers. The European Code of Electronic Communications empowers the Commission to adopt an enforcement act establishing a summary model. A summary is usually a one-sided summary of a longer memo, business plan, press release, legal agreement or important document. The summary should communicate the why, what and how the problem in a concise way for a busy leader who does not have time to delve into the details. You have to assume that, although the reader is interested in the subject and understands the broader concepts, he is not familiar with the details. As a general rule, the reader should be able to discuss the topic intelligently after reading the summary. Each clause is accompanied by a simple summary placed next to it. The purpose of the contract summary is to enable consumers to make informed choices. It does not contain all the terms of a particular contract.

It does not mention all the rights and obligations of the parties under EU and national law. For example, the consumer may have the right to terminate the contract for reasons other than those mentioned in the summary, for example. B if the service provided does not comply with the contract. The European Electronic Communications Code and general consumer protection legislation provide for consumer information obligations that apply to publicly available electronic communications service providers. The contract summary is intended to help suppliers better present information on key elements of the contract, so that consumers can better compare different communications service offerings before the contract is concluded. The comparison will be easier because all suppliers will consistently inform consumers of the same essential elements of the contract. List all the important points of the agreement, ideally in different enumeration points. Enumeration points are easier to read and absorb because they break down a complex problem into easy-to-digest bits. The enumeration points should indicate the basis of the agreement, not the exceptions, special clauses or technical details. The executive, which does not deal with tires every day, may want to know that Tires Inc. has agreed to make tire orders within 25 calendar days, but does not need to know that if an order for more than 50,000 tires is, this time limit increases to 30 days or that tires over 19 inches in diameter are subject to special rules. Just add that large controls and some tire sizes include special clauses will suffice.

Note that the reader can always refer to the full legal agreement for details.

Lucio • 2 diciembre, 2020

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