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Both types of AIA IPD agreements require the use of construction information models (BIM) and implement both the design phases identified in the IPD manual and the design phases. IPD phase names reflect the need to drop conventional phase names associated with linear processes, such as schematic design and design development, in favor of phase names that more closely reflect integrated processes. In transitional agreements, design and construction are concluded with IPD phasing as follows: WASHINGTON-(BUSINESS WIRE) —The American Institute of Architects (AIA) today introduced two types of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) agreements. These new standard form contracts, which implement the principles and concepts presented by In Integrated Project Delivery: A Guide (IPD Guide;, offer two levels of design and design integration. The first type is a type of transition and is a comfortable first step in the integrated implementation of the project; the second type, the Single Purpose Entity (SPE), introduces a fully integrated ability to provide a construction project. Both types of agreements provide a roadmap for the implementation of IPRs. Document AIA C191™-2009 Standard Form Multi-party Agreement for Integrated Project Delivery. This document, as shown in the excerpts below, is a possible agreement between the owner, the architect and the contractor. Relationships between all parties are represented in the illustration below and the following articles offer a taste for collaboration that seeks to create the documents. Documents AIA B195™ and A195™.

These contracts between the owner and the architect (B195) and the owner and contractor (A195) create an integrated project delivery system. AIA A195-2008™ provides the terms and conditions of the owner-contracting agreement, while AIA B295-2008™ outlines the terms and conditions of the IPD and defines the obligations and obligations of the contractor for each stage of the project along with the obligations and obligations of the owner and architect. AIA A195 is based on a guaranteed ceiling price agreement. The following graph reflects the document of contractual relations between A295, A195 and B195 (contract between the owner and architect of an IPD project). AIA IPD agreements are available on paper and electronically in the AIA Contract Documents software. The software generates customizable Microsoft Word files. C195-2008, Single Purpose Entity Agreement for an Integrated Project, is currently available with a series of optional exhibitions, including the Target Cost Amendment. To avoid the challenges posed by government licensing laws, EPS provides professional construction planning and management services through contracts with its members. The AIA intends to publish in November 2008 a standard form of the EPS members` service agreement and the EPS ownership agreement.

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