Amex Centurion Card Agreement

American Express` Business Platinum Card® costs US$595 per year (see prices and fees), which only appears like a good deal compared to the Centurion`s $5,000. Some perks, such as access to the airport lounge (but no specific space in centurion clubs) and the status of hotels and rental cars, are the same for both cards. However, the Centurion offers Hilton Diamond, Delta Executive Platinum and Hertz Platinum, which the Platinum doesn`t. If it`s not yet obvious, the American Express Centurion card offers some serious benefits for travelers. You can get the American Express Centurion card only by invitation, and it`s expensive, but now there are other high-end cards that have great benefits without the astronomical annual fee. Or you can ask for an invitation to ask for this card and see what fate brings. The most interesting benefit of the business version of the Centurion Card is a generous 50% discount on fares purchased with Membership Rewards points…

Lucio • 11 septiembre, 2021

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