Apprenticeship Agreement Ontario

An apprenticeship is an agreement between a person (apprentice) wishing to learn a profession and an employer who needs a skilled worker. It`s a way to learn professional skills while you work and earn good salaries. The training combines the classroom with the experience in the workplace that allows you to earn a living while learning a craft profession. Training leads to professional certification as a journeyman. To apply for apprenticeship training in Ontario, you must have documented proof of age, SIN and education/training so that the ministry can review and verify them. These programs provide training in a given occupation in order to prepare for training. They are usually less than 52 weeks old. Pre-apprenticeship programs offer academic upgrading for applicants who do not possess their class 12 or equivalent, which is the level of academic entry into most professions. It also offers introductory theoretical and practical training, level 1 apprenticeship training in a given trade, as well as an internship component to gain practical experience. Organizations that offer these programs often help with employment. Apprenticeship training hours can be charged to the entire apprenticeship if the person decides to register as an apprentice.

You must be a member of the college`s Apprentices class to work as an apprentice in an Ontario training program set up by the college. The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) opens the door to training in many exciting trades. If you are in the 11th. A career in crafts can offer you a promising future in a safe, well-paid and challenging profession..

Lucio • 11 septiembre, 2021

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