Ban Collective Bargaining Agreement

New Hampshire: Load of class or size Jurisprudence: City of Portsmouth v. Ass`n of Portsmouth Teachers, NEA-N.H.,597 A.2d 1063,1066 (N.H. 1991). Class sizes and teacher loads are appropriate subjects for collective bargaining. Michigan: Evaluation process or instruments Status: Me. Comp. Law §423.215 (3) (1) «Collective bargaining between an employer of a public school and a negotiator of its employees does not cover any of the following topics: (l) decisions relating to the development, content, standards, procedures, adoption and implementation of the system of evaluation of the performance of the employer of the public school. Decisions about the content of a staff member`s performance evaluation… » Louisiana: collective bargaining in national law and/or administrative code Statute: La. Rev. Stat. Ann § 23:822 «.

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Lucio • 12 septiembre, 2021

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