Cooperation Agreement Contract Sample

Prime agrees to the Subcontractor`s continued participation in first-class contractual options, PROVIDED that the Subcontractor has performed, in accordance with its oral and written commitments to Prime and the Customer, that it has been approved by the Customer for each contractual option and has met industry performance standards. Subcontractor agrees to continue to participate in Prime for all project-related options, PROVIDED that Prime has fulfilled, in accordance with its oral and written commitments, to the Subcontractor and the Customer, and has met industry standards. The failure of either Party to comply with the foregoing constitutes a refusal or non-performance of any part of this Agreement, as set forth in Article VIII.D below. CONSIDERING that after careful consideration of the capabilities and interests of the other Party, each of the Parties has come to the conclusion that a mutual effort in the preparation of the project implementation proposal (the «Proposal») would increase the likelihood of prime contracting and subcontracting; and it is acknowledged and agreed that, in accordance with the Prime Contract or the Subcontract, the parties may be required to grant or grant to the Customer rights to the materials, data and information established in accordance with the Prime Contract and/or the Subcontract. With respect to such materials, the PROCESSOR shall take such steps as may reasonably be requested from Prime to transfer or confirm rights in such materials….

Lucio • 15 septiembre, 2021

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