Questrade Market Data Agreements

Market data will provide you with the information you need to make informed and timely business decisions. Knowledge is power and market data provide the statistics, trends and activities you need to build your knowledge. Quoting Snap: Every time you click the «Offer» button, you`ll find out what the current question (Sz), the offer (Sz) and the last security price you`re looking for are. You should always click the button to check the current market price, as it is not automatically updated. The monthly fee is based on the market data package you have selected. If you select the U.S. market data package, your monthly fee is usd. Snap Rankings Included: S-P Indices, Dow Jones Indices, Russell Indices, TSX Venture Level 1, MX Options Level 1, Pink OTC Level 1. More Index Prices: TSX Indices – TSX Venture Composite Index Questrade Customers can place the market, limit, stop limit, trailing stop and bracket orders on all platforms.

IQ Edge allows a variety of conditional commands that are not available on the web or on mobile platforms. Questrade Advantage: Under the Questrade Advantage Asset Reseller Program, customers must subscribe to at least one extensive offer of market data and then choose between the variable or fixed price plan. For stock trading, the cost is $0.1 per share, with a .01 min and $6.95 max. . For commercial options, the cost is $6.95 – $0.75 per contract (variable plan) or $4.95 – $0.75 per contract (fixed plan). Like democratic pricing, all ETF trades are free of the Commission. For Canadian residents, Questrade is the best online broker for trading not only on the Canadian stock market, but also on the U.S. stock market.

With two major trading platforms and no annual account fees, Questrade is Canada`s leading discount broker. Price: If you don`t give up a market order that trades at the best current price or bid, you need to set a price at which you want your trade to run. Questrade customers can trade on two desktop trading platforms and a mobile app, as well as a Forex and CFD platform, each offering a different experience. Questrade Trading allows some adjustments to trading standards as well as watch list display and portfolio list. IQ Edge is a downloadable platform for active traders that is much more customizable than the web platform.

Lucio • 11 abril, 2021

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