Sober Living Rental Agreement

My question is the sober homeowner in going through our refrigerators and only throws away our food that we say for apon of their own discretion, they «got rid of scientific projects, the food she brought home the last night was homemade macoroni and my friends cheese my mother made for me, which was for the right to throw food that I was paying while I was at work without any type of communication! I don`t feel like it`s good at all! The eviction process is somewhat different for tenants living in drug- and alcohol-free housing. A lessor may terminate the tenancy agreement by giving the tenant three days` notice with one day to be respected if the tenant uses, possesses or shares alcohol, over-the-counter medical prescription drugs or illegal substances on the site. A tenant can firmly obtain a three-day dismissal if his guests also participate in such actions. I live in a House in San Diego, ca sober housing /double home diagnosis for women. There are 3 bedrooms and a living room with 10 women and a 4-month baby@ $400.00 per woman. I was appointed house manager (no salary only a decrease in my rent of $200.00). I was upset by 2 out of 9 women here, a victim of thief (prescription drugs, personal effects that my manager was informed a few weeks ago before I became manager). A week ago, I tested a woman who was positive for cannabis. My manager/boss was immediately notified, she told the woman that she had to move out before March 1.

Three days ago, my boss gave him another chance. Because of rumors and dissent, today I was told that I am no longer the manager who is in good standing with me. I had a lot more responsibility than I was told at the beginning. The problem I have is that even after 5 women in my house have vouched for me (they respect me and love me as a manager) they told me that I had to move on March 1, 2018. What are my rights? I have p.t.s.d. and I have a serious back injury. I feel I`m going, but I don`t want to be where I`m not wanted or appreciated, but I need reasonable time to find and move a place. What are my rights? I don`t want any problems, I just want to be treated fairly. Thank you very much. Sincere, Michelle Y McIntire

Lucio • 17 diciembre, 2020

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